Installation and performance for tiled spaces
Created and performed by Angie Hiesl, Gerno Bogumil, and Roland Kaiser

This is an artistic work for public spaces, such as underground pedestrian tunnels, passages, subway stations, as well as for industrial facilities, such as coal mine washrooms, slaughterhouses, and cool-storage depots. TILE SKIN is a powerful, yet subtle intervention, a way of atmospherically and physically plumbing the depths of a space - a bizarrely poetic irritation. The installation and the performance - the two equal components of the work - are specifically designed to correspond with the space at hand. The installation, which is composed of large expanses of water and grass turf, creates a counter concept to the original architecture. The performance expands this artistic approach. Pedestrians suddenly become spectators of this theatrical installation that includes performance, dance, and sound. The condensed atmosphere of the performance space still allows people to walk through the room; the space retains its everyday function. 

World premiere 1997 - Essen, Zollverein coal mine, Choreographisches Zentrum NRW

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